Vivaro, Primastar & Trafic 2010 to Present

vauxhall vivaro injector removal

These 2.0 diesels are fitted with Bosch solenoid injectors and have proved to be much more reliable than the Piezos of the early engines.

However, failures do occur with the removal of these is proving to be very difficult procedure.

Sharp autos were the first and currently the only injector specialist to remove these stuck/seized injectors regardless of the extent of the corrosion present.

Our techniques allow us to remove these units even after very experienced mobile injector operates have abandoned the job after numerous unsuccessful attempts.

These injectors have proved in their worst instances impossible to hydraulically pull or mill due to their internal components being extremely hardened.  However, Sharp Autos have developed techniques to remove even the most seized or damaged injectors.



Vivaro 2010

Image one below shows an injector with the centre threads damaged from previous removal attempts.
Image two shows the injector after it has been removed.


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