Car Servicing

We offer a choice of servicing from full to minor to suit your vehicles needs and your budget.

Prices can vary due to part costs.

Full service

  • Change Engine oil, filter and refill with suitable grade oil
  • Replace servicable filters, including cabin filter
  • Replace spark plugs if fitted
  • Check steering, balljoints, wheel bearings , brakes and suspension( brake check includes strip down of brake drums if fitted)
  • Check brake fluid moisture content, antifreeze strength, refill screenwash
  • Check wipers,re-aim washer jets, check lights,battery condition, replace bulbs,(Parts cost only)
  • Check function of airconditioning
  • Check tyres for wear, perishing and bulges
  • Check exhaust for corrosion, leaks, secureness
  • Pressure check cooling system for leaks
  • Lubricate door hinges and locks
  • Check level of steering fluid
  • Roadtest and report

Please click here to contact us today or by calling us on 01344 861454 

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